This is how you calculate minimal value to survive.


How much are you worth at minimalistic stand point? Do you know? The exact formula I use to calculate a minimalistic worth. Is a simple process but requires some thinking; so go ahead and break out that piece of paper and colored markers. The answer in writing might shock you. I’ll tell you how to calculate your worth in just a moment.

The Formula For Minimally Priced Living

The formula for your worth is simple. Use the piece of paper and writing utensils to write the following down.

“I’m Priceless.”

While I am both serious and picking when it comes to your worth in that aspect, we have to be serious about the issue. I want you to know how to correctly sell yourself to your clients minimally if need be.

I suggest doing this if you are interested in seeing the cost of what it would take for you to keep a minimalist life style with what you have now.


((AMB)+(AMB*0.50)) / TP

The answer to this is your value to charge so you can survive charge anything less and it’s not going to be good for you. If they can’t pay it, oh well move on to the next one who will.

Just in case you are a numbers person let me show a quick example of the above formula.


$3,750/2 = $1,875

You will need at least $1,875 per project if you do two a month.

Build value so the potential client can trust you and know you are going to do a good job for them and not just abandon them halfway through it. This is going to help establish a rapport and long lasting business and referrals.

Always Go For More

Making ends meet is not fun. It is terrible. You need to build up a nest egg for you to continue to run your business on a day to day basis even if you don’t have an active client. This is why you should always add downtime into your pricing so you can get to the next one. It’s a cost of business.

When you get to a certain point in your career you will shift to a high value based propositions. When this day comes you will be glad you knew what you was worth and grew your value from there.

Please remember, never settle for less than what you deserve. Make sure that you strive for more. Always do your best and never give up. It might take 100 calls to get 1 appointment. Don’t stress over that, eventually work will come from word of mouth from the ones you have already worked for. Especially if you offer an incentive for them to send you potential clients.


Don’t Get Lost in the Obis: Dream, Think, Plan, Execute.

Somebody I look up to greatly in internet marketing and life is Russell Bruson. He is a great internet marketer and supporter of education in third world countries, he is an overall great person. Some people would call him a motivational speaker I like to call him a motivational thinker. He inspired me through his book “Expert Secrets” to think beyond what I thought I could do and made me believe in myself more and more.

This is book changed my life. It is the book that inspired many new things ambitions, desires and broke it down how I needed to achieve those goals. It made me realize I have been sitting on a gold mine of wealth and knowledge. I know if you need a new spark, I highly suggest you grab yourself a free copy of it. I did a much more in-depth review of expert secrets here in case you are curious.

I really recommend you realize you are way more worth than those numbers above. But when you are getting started those are the numbers you are going to have to hit before you can go full time. I hope you have much success in your journey to becoming free.

Thank you for reading, please let me know if you have any questions in the comments. Don’t forget to give me a like if you made it this far and big share if it helped you in any capacity. It means a lot and will encourage me to write more.


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