Growth Hacking” is an attempt to leverage tools and resources for your own advantage. Is it ethical? Absolutely! Most of the time.

How do you growth hack?

Growth Hacking is one of the easiest and most complicated tasks you will set out to do in your business, while strategies may vary from business to business the core processes are fundamentally the same.

Finding the right targets to put your growth hacking efforts in is going to require trial and error. Focusing on one particular target is not a wise choice as you want to cast as many pebbles in the ocean as you can, to create the biggest wave possible; maybe even hitting a whale or a few big fish along the way.

Just keep slinging those pebbles. 

I always heard the saying: If you throw enough $h!# against the wall some of it’s bound to stick. This is true in so many aspects of business and in life. Do not be scared to take action and paint the walls brown.

Okay, so how do you growth hack?

Simple. You turn creative ideas into content and you contribute this content to different platforms with consistency. Remember that old saying?

Create a blog post, share photos, videos, tweets, or any other thing you think will somehow and in some way inspire someone to take some sort of action against the media you created.

To simplify, create and share unique and interesting content. If you can’t do that share other peoples stuff that is related and comment on it in the captions, try to get as much engagement on the content as you can. Comments are gold, especially if you can get someone to tag other people.

What Platforms Should I Focus On?

As many as you can. The crazy thing about technology is it’s always changing and always adapting. The holy grail right now is Facebook and Google (Youtube). But this is slowly changing as younger generations are going to alternative apps and sites like, SnapChat, and many others that are sprouting and growing up.

What are things best to share?

This all depends again on your niche. Photos in some cases work better than articles. Videos tend to perform fairly well, but videos are often more costly or time-consuming to produce. The key here would be to find something you can create relatively quickly so you can get out as much content as you can.

Quality vs Quantity

Let’s be honest. If you are putting things that aren’t that great out into the ecosystem do not be alarmed by lack of response. If you find your content isn’t driving any engagement, spend a bit longer on creating the content it to make it more appealing to your audience.

Try all sorts of different things until people respond.

Thanks for reading, you future Growth Hacker. 

Just remember, try and try again. Never stop trying and experimenting; even after you are already successful. Keep on keeping on! Do what you need to do today to make your dream life one step closer tomorrow.

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