In the beginning, there was an idea, a week later a developer, and 6 months later the idea again. Why does this happen, why are great ideas not getting completed?

Two words: The process

The process of web design should be one of the simplest, but yet in most cases, it’s one of the poorest managed in the design industry today. This is both parties fault, the client, and the designer/consultant.

Both parties take the blame because of the lack a few things but these issues are simple to manage and take care of. Once you see what issues to tackle and how you can avoid them you’ll have a successful project every time.


Times have changed and so has the way we communicate. Depending on your goals and project scope you may need to communicate with several people to complete a project. This makes getting the needed information to one another a difficult thing sometimes, especially if schedules are unknown or there is a lack of conversation to schedule appointments to speak to one another.

Grrrr Moment: If you have a mobile device you should have no excuse for lack of communication, email, text, phone calls right from your pocket. It takes two minutes to respond and set up a time for yourself to answer questions or get information back to each other.

Don’t leave one another in the dark, we are all humans and understand life events

Not knowing what you really want, or not knowing how to find out.

Have you truly asked yourself this question? What do I want? What do I need? Answering these questions will help the design experience move a lot faster and also help you avoid many extra tidbits that you don’t need or items that may be time-consuming and take up precious time

Have a vision.

You need a vision. Close your eyes, imagine the perfect website. What do you see? What colors? What size? Is it wide? Is it narrow? A lot of images? Any animations, and interesting things that you see pop out?

Break down your site in your mind. Write down the pages you need. Go over each page with desired goals and visualizations, this will help speed up many of the steps. It will allow you to think about content that’s going to be needed and other things such as images, videos etc.

Getting Content to Each Other

One of the more challenging parts of the process is getting content. This should be the easiest step. But getting content is often the responsibility of multiple parties, setting up interactions between each other as a team is really important. This is why it’s important to plan out page by page so you understand what content is needed, whether it’s images, videos, text or whatever.

You should, albeit, be comfortable enough to let the design team know you need it written or developed, in most cases the design team would be happy to help get it for you, and often times they can help optimize verbiage to attract more customers.

Reviewing, Revisions and Closing

Reviewing and Revisions

At certain milestones, you should be allowed to have master revisions ( at least one ) where if you are not happy with the look and feel it can be reworked to better suit your goals. Hopefully, you will not need it and can move forward. But this is to save yourself the heartache and to know you are working with a design company who has your best interest at heart.

When it’s time to launch do one last walk through. Look for spelling errors, content visuals and various other issues that you need to address. It is at this time you need to correct these things.

Tip: Ask for previews at milestones so you can keep notes on what needs to be done.

Pick a Good Design Company that’s Not Going to Break the Bank but Help the Bank Grow.

Make sure you are in good hands, what is their experience level? Are they just trying to sell you a website with a foot and a door once the project is over?


Do they want to make sure your company grows, and that you can meet your goals with the tools they provide? Give you training and support when you need it most. Now, if you want this, give me a message and let’s talk about your goals and ambitions for your next project. Let me show you how to streamline and be your last design company you’ll ever need.


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