Say this, “I am worth more”. I am worth more than any point and click or drag and drop web design service.

The Giant Million Dollar Elephants are Coming for Our Business.

I deal with so much on a daily basis it gets rather overwhelming. I hear this a lot “one of the biggest killers in the web design industry is drag and drop or point and click website design services like Wix or Squarespace”. But my question to them is simple,  is it really, or is it an opportunity?

How can we overcome point and click thinkers?

Realize these point and click tools website design tools or just though it’s just technology to get the job done. If a client says Wix, Squarespace or whatever you can always help them set it up on that platform, surely it’s not as much as a full flown site but the time it takes is reduced and you can get a potential monthly reoccurring from the customer for help with marketing and SEO.

Just know, you are worth more than Wix. Even Wix has learning curves and requires effort. The key goal you have to discover is whether or not this person has the ability to actually execute. Do they have enough time to learn the point and click service? Since he or she would be doing it by themselves.  Will they have enough time throughout their days to get it done? Will they have enough resources and know how to get the right things to make it successful?

Getting to Close Point and Clicker’s

When closing these types of deals you have to bring up these pain points about point and click.

  • You’re going to have to do it yourself.
  • Are you going to have the time to put into creating the website?
  • Do you have your content written already?
  • Do you have images or video already for your visitors?
  • Are you able to do SEO so search engines will find you and you aren’t just 1 in a 6 billion website?

Note: Regardless of who you talk to most people are going to be like yeah I’m going to do it myself I got it when this is heard it often times means they don’t trust you.

You need to remind them of the learning curves the hours the minutes invested in getting even an image up and in the right spot. Remind them the planning behind the content, the linking strategies etc. Remind them of PAIN. Give them PAIN, if they can’t feel the pain in building their own site, you need to build rapport.

Building more rapport with them is crucial. Your best bet would be to follow up with an email about the reasons point and click’s are not a good idea unlesss you have experience using them, and web design in general.

My favorite thing to say is, when you have tried to build your site yourself and you are tired of it, give me a call. We can get you going in the right direction.

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