Understanding who your clients are and what their core needs are is a critical point in crafting a strategy to close them. Clients want to know you aren’t a risky solution, and that you aren’t going to abandon them halfway through the project.

How do we instill trust in clients and let them know that we are the least risky solution? What approach do we take to make sure that the client understands that their project is going to be completed thoroughly, on-time, and on the budget set?

Ask them: What Criteria Are They Using to Make Their Decision?

Trust is something earned not given. Imagine going to a bank for a loan. The bank is going to want to see your credit report, income statements, proof of residency and who all knows what else. This is the same mindset set in the business that you are trying to propose to. But instead of credit reports and income statements, they are going to want to see proof that you can do what you say you are going to do. It’s social currency, social proof. Real world examples of solutions are critical in developing the trust needed to get their signature.

You will never know unless you ask. It’s not a secret – they want to tell you what they are looking for. Ask them.

Trust Me I’m an Expert

Decision makers want to know they are cutting checks to people who are going to deliver. In order to get them to believe in you and that you will fulfill the proposal. You have to establish yourself as an expert. This can be done in many ways.

A couple of sure fire ways to establish your expertise. 

Writing Content Tailored Towards Clients Goals

Having content or writing content tailored towards their goals is a great way to establish your expertise. This is a great way to establish you are an expert – because you can say “You have this problem, I wrote how to solve it here.”  This is an effective method due to the facts that you can literally show them works to solve their issues. This builds up your credibility by magnitudes. Not just for the client you are proposing but to other future clients who are going to have similar needs.

Showing Social Proof

There is a common saying, you may have heard it. “The proof is in the pudding”. If you have the ability to show work from past clients that are happy and are currently experiencing success with your work, chances are you are going to add credibility to the proposal that you are offering.

I can also say confidence is a critical point in establishing expertise. Knowing that you have the ability to execute and showing it through your presentation will take a great amount of pressure off of you and the peers you are presenting to. When you flow naturally and show confidence in your works you start to remove the risk associated with working with you.


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