I want to say that I have absolutely zero issues with people charging too little for their web design services. Everyone has to start somewhere and I get it. But I do have issues with those companies that use these cheap web design companies and complain later that you want to charge them multiples of what their original cheap designer charged them.

I typically try to avoid conversations on why these design companies are cheaper than my services and try to stick to the core problems, their problems. What the other designer can do didn’t do is irrelevant. If you are talking to me we have to focus on what my company and I can do for you and your business. Getting this through business owners minds is sometimes complicated. For future reference to myself and to help other business owners see the reality of hiring a cheap designer.

I give you my Top 5 reasons to Avoid Cheap Designers. I give this in hopes I might change the attitudes of business who are looking to get online or improve their existing presence and help them avoid the costly mistake of hiring a cheap web design company.

Knowing The Real Cost of Cheap Web Design

Little to No Room for Error and Correction

When you are investing little you can expect little. Creating a successful website online takes time and resources. For those companies only getting a few hundred dollars to design a website, the design company will have little to no wiggle room in getting and establishing the resources needed to make your site successful. If something needs to be changed it could make or break that design company as the turnarounds for cheap sites has to be quick in order to have a turnaround that allows them to continue to do business as cheaply as they do.

Time is Money

How do you like micromanaging? Do you like, love it? If you do go hire a cheap web designer. Spend countless hours giving them directions to fix mistakes correct unresponsive designs and who all knows what else. Remember time is money and your time is going to eat up managing something that isn’t going to be an effective solution for you.

If you want to work with a professional team that delivers your goals without being micromanaged you are going to need a professional who has the expertise to understand your needs the first time and execute accordingly.

Professionalism Doesn’t Always Exist

It’s five o’clock – 2 hours after your designer was supposed to show up to a meeting with you and your team – they are nowhere to be found in-office or online. They haven’t even given you the courtesy of an email or a phone call to let you know the situation. You are left in the dark with no new information on the status of your project. As time ticks on you get more ticked off at them. Days later they final follow-up. Is this something you want to deal with?

Promising You Things They Shouldn’t Promise

There are only a few certainties in life. Death and taxes. Any design firm or consulting company that is promising you the world doesn’t know what they are talking about. NO ONE can promise you results for anything online. They only thing that can actually be promised is the effort that will be put in to make the goals possible – even then it’s still a gamble. This is only because the competition is big on all sides and you aren’t the only one with a website in your niche or business category. You have to understand that more than just yourself is competing in your market (usually).

Unprofessional Look and Feel

This isn’t the case with all cheap designers. Some designers can get a great site up and running in little to no time if they use the correct resources. The only problem is that the keyword I used was “some” — this is because most cheap designers just want to turn and burn your project. Get you what you asked for (kinda) and send you on your way. They often use shortcuts, images that are not of quality, bad coding, and design practices – things that will leave a bad taste in your mouth, and could eventually break your business.

The Conclusion of Real Cost of Cheap Design

Your website is not just a website it’s an opportunity to expand your business even further. You wouldn’t trust your day-to-day business to run by amateurs – you would want it to be ran professionals. People who know what they are talking about, or know how to connect to people who do. When you hire a website designer who is only interested in giving you a website and walking away you are already setup for failure. You need a team that is going to stick with you through the long haul, a team who’s goal is to create customers – not just a shiny website.



  1. Woooo finally someone is bold enough to tell the clients as it is. Many times I get clients who want their websites redone only to cry about how much they were charged earlier on and how expensive am billing them. Wish they could finally understand that why they’re changing or redesigning is because they are cheap. Don’t even get me started…..chao


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